What is the Best Herbal Vaporizer Pen

If you have been online researching trying to find out what is the best herbal vaporizer pen for sale online then you should start reading up and checking out the different products that are now being offered around the marketplace. We absolutely love the Atmos Orbit, as this uses a ceramic heating chamber and optimized temperature settings that make using the device extremely easy to understand. A lot of other vaporizer pens in the marketplace are complicated and difficult to use, so they aren’t as appealing to other consumers in the industry. We must begin taking a look at these products so that they allow us to put forth a greater effort in making them seem more interesting to us. Stand back and start reading all of the reviews and watching videos on YouTube to get a better understanding about what types of products are actually the best selling, most interesting on the market.

The Pulsar Supernova

The Pulsar Supernova is one of my favorite affordable dry herb vape pens because it’s only $60 and it’s very easy to use. This product does use a stainless steel heating coil to gradually heat up the herbs in the chamber, but it’s still a very effective unit. I usually like to use a vape pen with a chamber not a coil, but this is one of the better vapes that uses a coil that I have seen. It also has an LCD display on the battery that allows you to see exactly how many puffs you have taken so far, and how many are left in the unit before you have to recharge it. There is a certain stigma around dry herb vape pens ever since the inception of the Atmos Raw vaporizer because it would actually burn the herbs in the chamber without truly vaporizing them. This is something that can happen with the Supernova as well, so please keep that in mind. You really need to take the time to locate a quality pen and you will probably end up paying around $100 for one that doesn’t burn the herbs at all.

Atmos Orbit

The Atmos Orbit vaporizer pen uses a ceramic heating chamber to effectively and efficiently vaporize the dried herbs from inside of the chamber. This is one of the most effective vape pens on the market, the only complaint is that it doesn’t have adjustable heat settings. Atmos did set it at the factory to around 380 degrees, which is a good temperature, but I still like the ability to set my own custom temperatures depending on the mood that I am in and what intensity level of medication I feel like experiencing. I will be reviewing the Atmos Orbit in a post on it’s own in a future blog post, so please stay tuned and come back next month to read it and leave some comments. Hopefully you can take some time out of your day and review this product yourself and start finding out which pens are the best and why you should be using this device in your day to day vaping habits.

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