Vape Pen Maintenance – How To Keep Your Device Functioning Properly

When you are the proud owner of a high quality, expensive marijuana vape pen then you definitely want to be “in the know” on the latest vape pen maintenance trends, so that you can effectively preserve your device and keep it working properly for as long as possible.  Using your vape pen is rather straight-forward and easy to do, as we have outlined in a previous article How To Use A Portable Vape Pen For Cannabis Oil.  If you understand clearly how to use a medical vape pen for your cannabis, then great, as you are already halfway there.  Then on the other side of it is the maintenance procedures that you have to go through in order to keep the device functioning properly over a long period of time.  Once you have developed the skills and the knowledge necessary to use these devices on a day to day basis, you will greatly appreciate their use, and benefit for you as a marijuana smoker.  It’s much healthier on the lungs, and in general, and there’s no reason why people should still be smoking marijuana in the traditional way with these high quality products now available…in my opinion anyway, of course you can do what you want, it’s just that I prefer to vape my cannabis now, and it’s what I suggest others do also.

Cleaning The Chamber

The most important maintenance step that you need to implement if you want your product to function well for a long period of time is cleaning out the chamber at least once a week.  If you choose to ignore this step, then you will likely only have a pen that lasts for a few weeks until the chamber burns out, or it gets so dirty and clogged that it’s now unusable, and if you let the debris and resin build up for too long, it will be unable to be cleaned, so please keep that in mind.  So what you want to do is unscrew the chamber every few weeks, and then take some utensils and clean out the inside to make sure that you are getting all of the resin out of the unit.  You can soak some stubborn chambers in rubbing alcohol overnight to get the rest of the resin off if there is still some left.  This trick has helped us thousands of times, but the only thing you have to watch out for is burning the alcohol inside of the vape pen once you put the chamber back on.  This is definitely something that you want to avoid, so please make sure you clean off your chamber after you rinse it with alcohol to get all of that harsh substance off of the chamber so you don’t inhale those toxic fumes that can be extremely hazardous to your lung tissue.

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